Lumis Automation


Industrial Automation Services

We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom automation equipment, integrating robotics, providing expert HMI and PLC programming, optimizing motion control, fabricating control panels, and delivering comprehensive 2D layouts and wiring diagrams. With our tailored solutions, we help you optimize efficiency, enhance productivity, and improve overall performance. Whether you need customized machinery, seamless robotics integration, precise motion control, reliable control panels, or detailed visual planning, our experienced team is dedicated to transforming your manufacturing processes and empowering you to stay ahead in today’s dynamic market.

Custom Automation

Designing and manufacturing tailored automation equipment to optimize efficiency and enhance productivity in your manufacturing processes.


Seamlessly integrating advanced robotic systems for improved efficiency, precision, and flexibility in your operations.

HMI & PLC Programming

Developing intuitive HMIs and precise PLC programming to streamline processes, achieve optimal performance, and enable real-time monitoring.

Motion Control

Maximizing precision and control with advanced motion control solutions for smooth, synchronized movements in your automated systems.

Control panel Fabrication

Ensuring reliable and safe operation of your automation systems with customized control panel design and fabrication.

2d LAYOUTS & Wiring diagram

Providing detailed 2D layouts and wiring diagrams to aid in visualizing and planning your automation systems effectively.

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